Self-Care Tools

Please: Take time to read all indications thoroughly before beginning any proposed exercise. Please wisely weigh your own unique limitations in regards to the demands of the exercise. Please contact me with any concerns/reports/questions.
My initial intention in making these instructions available on the web was to provide for clients with whom I had already met and prescribed specific "work." But clearly, in my mind, just about anyone might benefit from the usage (or some adaptation of it) of these exercises to "benefit themselves”" – eg: open pathways for expanding potential. You will find that theme running joyously through the areas touched upon in this website. Begin with the breath!

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It has been confirmed by NIH*-funded (*NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH) medical research that psychoneuroimmunology is a fact of our being – what we think, what we image or visualize – has profound measureable effect on our neurochemistry – sometimes out-doing the so-called "real" physical event. Memory of the fear and the pain of past events becomes lodged electronically in our tissues. WE ARE RELEASING these memories when we allow a stream to flow healthfully again through formerly guarded terrain ... we will especially be working to enrich the flow of energy through our main trunk or spinal chord while affecting and becoming more aware of the extra-dimensional pranic tube that flows through us also, literally from head to tail / tail to head.

*I offer a 4-hour course in use of Self-care Tools for CEU credits in areas surrounding the Central Oregon Coast as well as areas I may be visiting while on tour. Refer to email contact or SeaHeart's itinerary/calendar.